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Research Shows that the United State Online Business is spending around 110 Billion USD on digital Advertising. Because Old Marketing strategies are not enough in this competitive market.

Here are some of the key benefits of Digital Marketing services.
  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Save Energy
  • Campaign Result tracking
  • Build a strong Brand across the Globe within a short period of time.
  • Drive Profitable business growth
  • Track User Behavior3
  • Cross-Selling Product
  • Advertising with Funnel
  • Advertising for Exact People with an Exact solution at the exact time.

So you can easily increase your conversion rate.

You already know that Digital Marketing services are very important nowadays. So you have to care about digital marketing.

We Fraction Digital are providing digital Marketing services in Bangladesh for the last few years.

We have worked with Versatile businesses for the last couple of years. That’s why we have enough experience in most of the business industry.

We are not working as another agency does, We work with you as a Partner to make sure to achieve your business goal.

Our Digital Marketing Services drive more Audience to your business and increase your

ROI with our custom marketing strategy.

We provide our services for wall-size of Business and all kinds of industries to achieve the most of their Goal.

Our Expert Team always loves to help you by answering your question, Building the best Strategy, Always updating you with the market trends, and solving your marketing problems.

As you know we provide everything that you need for your online business Including Marketing Designing, Development, and Branding. Here are some of our most popular Digital Marketing Services.

Search Engine Optimization services in Bangladesh

We  Fraction Digital team are Expert in the SEO Search engine industry. Working for a national and international client to rank their website organically on SERPs  Fraction Digital team are researching keywords very carefully to rank on SERPs Zero Position as soon as possible.

Our team is also pretty much careful about your On-page SEO, Off Page SEO, and Technical SEO. So you can avoid the risk of Penalty by Search Engine Algorithms. As a result, you will get more potential clients to increase revenue.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is one of the great platforms for marketing. If you want to grow your business faster for free of cost. Then our recommendation for you is to get our social media marketing package.

We  Fraction Digital provide Social Media Marketing services in Bangladesh for all kinds of businesses. So if you are looking for a well known, organized, professional, High skilled Social media marketing agency at an affordable price. Then let’s have a chat with us.

Social Media Advertising

Advertising on Social media is very effective nowadays to build your brand social media within a short period of time. Our  Fraction Digital team loves to handle your social media ads campaign to reduce your advertising cost and make your campaign more effective.

PPC Ads Campaign

If you want to grow sales online. Then the organic marketing strategy is not enough for you. You have to Spend some money on a PPC Ads Campaign to get quick results. But unfortunately, most people don’t know how google ads work. Why are your ads campaigns not getting enough results? Why your CPC is So high? Why do you have to avoid placing ads on other platforms? What is a Negative Keyword? How to reduce ad costs? ETC. As a result, they feel frustrated due to low ROI.

So If you are still thinking that any people can run PPC Ads Campaign to increase your revenue. Then you are on the wrong track. and it’s time to avoid this kind of thinking let us help you handle your project.

Fraction Digital Team is a Google Certified PPC Ads Expert working for most of the businesses in Bangladesh with a reputation. So let’s have a chat with us for your next PPC Ads Campaign services.

Content writing services

Content is the king of your business. So you have to produce the best quality content for your audience. otherwise, you might lose the rank from SERPs. That’s why we are here to help you by providing the best quality content writing services at an affordable price.

E-Commerce Marketing

Each and Every eCommerce should follow the best marketing strategy to get organic rankings. But it’s pretty hard for a non-professional. So If you are looking for a hardworking smart and passionate Digital Marketer to handle your eCommerce project. Then let’s have a meeting with our team to Further Discuss your business.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Fraction Digital will offer you to optimize your Conversion rate and increase sales. We make your website more flexible for your user and make it easy to complete a Goal. We also help you to create A Sales funnel to segment your audience for specific marketing services.

EMail Marketing Services

Our Marketing team will be able to help you with the E-Mail Marketing service, So If you are worried about your E-Mail Marketing keep in touch with your existing audience and send a Cold E-Mail to newly targeted clients.

Why Choose  Fraction Digital for your Digital Marketing Solutions?

Well! If you want the Best result with a proper marketing strategy then you need a professional and Experience Marketing partner. Where you will fill comfortable and trust those who are able to treat your business like them.

Fraction Digital teams are highly skilled professionals working with Hundreds of clients to achieve their marketing goal.

Here are the key things that people consider to hire us

  • We provide Data-Driven Marketing Services
  • Organize Team
  • High-Skilled Professional
  • Custom Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Campaign Monitoring and Reporting
  • Ongoing Campaign Management
  • Sales s Funnel Expert
  • Competitive Pricing
Why is Digital Marketing important?

Digital Marketing is important for growing your business online. That means you can Manage a Business without a Physical Location all over the world. That is a Great Opportunity to run a Business with a Small Amount of money. So If you want to grow your favorite business faster then you have to get digital marketing services.

Is my business Benefited from Digital Marketing?

Yes, every Business will benefit from Digital Marketing services. Because It is an opportunity to reach your targeted people at the exact time with the exact services. So If you are an Existing business owner or want to run a new business. Then don’t be let to get Digital Marketing Services from Fraction Digital

Is Digital Marketing Expensive?

Not really. It’s not a very expensive Marketing strategy. It is a great place to control your marketing on your own. That means you can spend Millions of dollars in a month on Advertising, SEO, and Design. You also can manage your Digital Marketing within 100 Dollars in a Month. So It depends on your Marketing strategy.

How do I consider a Best Digital Marketing Company?

When you want to select the best Digital Marketing services in Bangladesh. At that time you have to see the previous project that the agency has done before you. Or you can Judge them with an Interview Question Answer session.   So you can easily select the best Agency for your business Growth. So you can Ask Any question about the Selection of a Marketing Agency.

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