how much does instagram charge for advertising

Instagram is a Popular Social media Platform that has around One Million Monthly Active Users. It’s another Meta Product that is used for social interaction. People love to share their daily activities on their social media platforms, including Instagram.

That’s why most businesses want to use Instagram for their Marketing.

So If you are thinking about How Much Does It Cost To Advertise On Instagram? Then let’s discuss it.

Instagram Charge Advertiser depending on Ad Type, Industries, Location, Advertising time, Competiton, etc.

Let’s have a Look at some of the Ad Charging formates.

Charge for Engagement

Instagram Charge to the advertiser for Each Engagement USD 0.01 to $0.05 USD. Depending on time, Ads quality, and Industries. That means when a user spends a little bit of time with your ads or tracking some action Like, Comment Share, or Read more ETC, Instagram Count it as an Engagement.

Charge for Impression

Instagram charge you for each of your user impression. That’s called CPM. CPM means Cost Per Thousand Impressions. So when you achieve 1000 Impressions for your Ad creative, that means you have to spend $6.70 USD on Average. The Interesting fact about the Impression is you can control the Impression to increase the conversion rate. That means you can show your ads several times in a week for a single user.

Charge for Click

Instagram not only charges for Impression and Engagement. It also charges Based on. That means when you get a click from your Ads. Then you have to pay for each of that clicks. So On Average, Its Charge is $0.20 To USD 2 for a single Click. The Interesting thing is when you run Instagram ads, you can control your CPC Budget. That means you can give a varier or the Maximum amount of CPC that you want to spend. And the Instagram Algorithm will not spend more than the Budget you fix.

Instagram Cost vs. Facebook Cost

The world’s most popular Social media Platform is Facebook and Instagram. That’s why every Consumer Based business love to use both of platform for their Advertising, as we know both of the platform own by Meta. But it has some different Business models as a Social media platform. That’s why Both of the platforms are different for the user as well as for the advertiser.

So Let’s see both of the platform Cost for Advertising.

Suppose we compare Instagram and Facebook for CPC Cost. Then we can see that Facebook Charge On Average of USD 0.94 for CPC. On the other hand, Instagram Charge on Average of $0.2 to $2 USD for a single click.

When we compare both platforms for CPM cost, we see that Instagram will Charge on Average of $6.70 for Thousand Impressions. At the same time, Facebook Charge $12.07 USD on Average for CPM.

So we see Facebook is a more Expensive platform than Instagram for advertisers. But the problem is Facebook allows you to reach each of the users with your ads. On the Otherhand, Instagram has some barriers to targeting all age users.

Is Instagram Advertising worth it?

It is; Instagram Advertising cost is the best Investment for your Business Growth. So let’s see some of the benefits of Instagram Ads.

Higher Click Through Rates

CTR depends on properly optimizing your ads. Instagram will help you to Optimize Ads properly to reach the Exact people with quality ads. That’s why When you compare Social Media platforms’ CTR rates. Then Instagram will get 2.5 times more clicks than the other social media platforms.

Advance Targeting Features

Whereas most Social media only give you the option to boost your ads for all of the users. But Instagram will help you with Advance Targeting Options. So you can target people based on their interests, Gender, Location, Age, Education, Occupations ETC. That will help you to reach the right people with the right product or services.

Generate High-Value Conversions

Most Instagram users are very familiar with online Shopping. Their average order value is more than $10 USD from Facebook users. Shopify Share Statistics that an Instagram user’s Average Sales Value is USD 65 while a Facebook user’s order value is around USD 10 to USD 55. So If you want High-value Customers, then you can use the Instagram Ads Campaign.

Highest Engagement

A Study Shows that Instagram earns user Engagement 10 times more than Facebook. So It’s your chance to create better ads creative, Target the Proper audience so you can quickly get more Engagement, More Clicks, and More Conversions.

Instagram Advertising cost depends on a few things hear’s. I discuss Four mejor things.

Bid Amount

Instagram Advertising Cost Influienc by the Bidding Amount. So when you provide a Maximum Bidding Amount that will help you to get maximum relevant Clicks for your ads, It’s So Expensive. But If you reduce your Bidding Amount to a Minimum level, you may lose most of the potential clients to save your Advertising Cost. Suppose your Budget Is 200 Dollars for a Day, and your CPC Rate is USD 2; that means you got a chance to get 100 Clicks for that amount. If you reduce your Daily Budget for that ads, then you will get fewer clicks from your ads.

Ads Relevancy

Instagram Ads cost also depends on your ad’s relevancy. Having the highest Relevant score for your Instagram Ads will give you more reach, Engagement, Click, and Conversion at the lowest cost. Instagram will Judge your ads based on people’s reactions to your ads. When some people engage with your ad content and like, comment, and share, Then Instagram thinks it positively and reaches more quality people to get more interaction.

Estimated Action Rates

Instagram Judge user reaction with your ads creative. So when your creativity grabs people’s attention, that will help you to reach more people at a lower CPC Because Instagram loves quality content.


Advertising Competition will also influence your ads to cost when you have intense Competition that will increase your CPC Cost.


So, in the end, Instagram is one of the best places for advertising. If you want a Quality audience and highest value sales, then you can use Instagram for your Next ads Campaign. Don’t worry. Instagram will use your money best for the highest result.

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